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Dat Boi T


Biographical Note

Dat Boi T (Antonio Martinez) is a Latino rapper from Houston, Texas. Interested in music since he was a boy, he began going to Screwed Up Records and Tapes in middle school to acquire recordings of DJ Screw’s mixtapes. He was influenced by the rappers in the Screwed Up Click as he began developing as an artist.

Dat Boi T started releasing his own music around 2007, and has been prolific in putting out albums, mixtapes, and collaborations with other rappers. Dat Boi T’s verses often focus on Houston topics such as the city’s distinctive music and car culture, and he has received millions of views on YouTube for songs such as “Foreign Doors & Cadillacs,” “Swangin’ In My Lac,” and “In My City.”

Dat Boi T is affiliated with the Screwed Up Click (being brought in by Al-D), and refers to himself as the Screwed Up Essay (or ese, Spanish slang for guy). He has followed in the footsteps of other Houston artists in remaining independent, and has a record label called Slow Lane Records. He has also been highly successful in marketing himself via the Internet, being an early adopter of YouTube, as well as connecting with fans in the U.S. and other countries on many other platforms.