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25th Anniversary Auction photo by Dan Richardson

 Digital Record
Identifier: 837e0411-0ad0-40a4-b89b-d6fe367e4931

29me Proclamation Déspércé du Fou Guillaume

 Digital Record
Identifier: bd241cd1-3e7c-4302-8512-f10e30d69aba

36th World Science Fiction Convention IguanaCon Two

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6169afa2-ba79-43ff-af01-6fb9f0f283aa

37th World Science Fiction Convention, Seacon '79 Program

 Digital Record
Identifier: eec562b6-3c20-4e3a-9f52-7eef93234bd6

.40 Cal: Game Don’t Lie promotional poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7fbf805b-2920-430a-bac3-684999cd2c3c

99 Live screw tape

 Digital Record
Identifier: 23111bf0-b18e-42a2-a0b6-5451bf55e633

200 block of Main Street facing north

 Digital Record
Identifier: 20fa5225-3671-44ad-a36f-40745a89b0e0

.380: Gangsta Mack promotional poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: f5f4c72b-2c48-4835-933d-286bc434423e

400 block of Main Street

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1899bf6d-aed2-4121-be7e-f50dc4633d72

700 block of Travis Street

 Digital Record
Identifier: 25205c5b-ec2e-4fe7-b77b-2b211e3ff085

800 block of Main Street

 Digital Record
Identifier: 717c4b24-7c50-453b-bdec-3e46e97c4028

800 block of Main Street at Walker Avenue

 Digital Record
Identifier: 60d45944-b56d-48cc-b43b-55d2da6f0fe8

800 block of Main Street facing north

 Digital Record
Identifier: c1694352-08de-4a78-9cd2-7976ef98ca86

800 block of Main Street facing north at McKinney Avenue

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5de7c646-8e26-4ef9-ad77-c4495c31433a

800 block of Main Street facing north at Walker Avenue

 Digital Record
Identifier: a67b893c-9d48-4aec-b21f-188aa6751940

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