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Those "Silent Sentinels."

 Digital Record
Identifier: 813a9543-51c4-43f8-9e09-2774d87716a0

Those Singing Drag Queens

 Digital Record

Those Were the Days?

 Digital Record
Identifier: 30de9228-bd05-40bc-b884-7af027d71120

Three Labor Issues: The Working Perspective

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0901d3ab-da04-473f-bdbf-9af6a5c56530

Three men examine scuba gear on set

 Digital Record
Identifier: b3a1ba2c-f917-4084-88f5-fcca25cff9ac

Three men play cards

 Digital Record
Identifier: a17f2b03-4109-4e70-95fd-e60947af702a

Three men sitting in rocking chairs on porch

 Digital Record
Identifier: d4adcab4-b222-4831-bc5b-74d609d8007e

Three sailors at attention

 Digital Record
Identifier: bd6e6f64-3098-4172-9d18-26195cf57f18

Three sailors with luggage

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5c2e995b-953d-4d26-8e74-ed3f0f1a321d

Three trains crossing the temporary trestle

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3c8497a8-e2fe-4540-93b2-e3bb2b1c3601

Three trees with Spanish moss

 Digital Record
Identifier: f4ea8a9b-3d6b-480c-a0f2-88fa02abced8

Three women and a man sitting on the ground

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1ad116ed-9366-497d-af79-d8baea1bb16b

Three women and one man in a garden

 Digital Record
Identifier: e4f6ad8a-835f-4454-babf-034ebc9318cc

Three women on horses

 Digital Record
Identifier: 122ad704-f273-4d59-b359-7f38709ec261

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