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Train on Burma-Thai Railway

 Digital Record
Identifier: bcfb2b01-46e1-47bf-8d5d-0d6d994942ca

Train on track during repair of Texas City junction

 Digital Record
Identifier: b05ab5d4-b83f-4068-9919-26df3463c17b

Train on wooden trestle, Burma-Thai Railway

 Digital Record
Identifier: fa8d1d36-c8f3-41c4-800e-addffefb7d35

Train parked on railroad

 Digital Record
Identifier: 108a52d1-f654-4a1b-8fa2-66fa3ad28e95

Train tracks going to a bridge

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5d1b9e30-bf1b-4377-9b54-a6e56fba2f8a

Train tracks in Pikes Peak, Colorado

 Digital Record
Identifier: 49b3e0d2-48c7-40f8-9bc0-6233e8b85518

Train with Arabia Temple car

 Digital Record
Identifier: 78a96dd2-e578-4f58-a95c-2770719e6be9

Traje de China Poblana

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0d09a826-5b2c-4de6-aea3-3c180da29296

Transcript of General Orders by Alexander Scammell

 Digital Record
Identifier: 15a97738-226d-45c3-b1ad-fb3bd651f8d4


 Digital Record
Identifier: d1ff565d-4e81-44db-82c4-8b687ecd6c32

Transportation area

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0d8cc305-f1b7-44b3-811b-bc6e4758d174

Transportation department

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7a651d57-7789-448c-9752-ac37490b94a0

Transportation device carrying vault door

 Digital Record
Identifier: c45a51c4-0263-49d8-b067-1bf2a2044b84


 Digital Record
Identifier: f15aa261-bea8-4d47-ac9f-0989abacc19e

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