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Storefront in South Park

 Digital Record
Identifier: d6668640-ff26-4726-9898-d32cc2464ec6

Storm victims' graves near Texas City

 Digital Record
Identifier: 608ac3b2-6bf9-4313-a9d8-f29371aa7d17

Stranded freight vessel (close-up)

 Digital Record
Identifier: 62ddd5c2-1b8f-4107-810a-cd5310636e06

Stranded freight vessels

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7f3a357d-b41b-4010-9073-a3e6b16de0a7

Strategies for Change

 Digital Record
Identifier: 3f1df2a2-38d6-47af-8cb1-42c97456e308

Street and Bridge Committee, Jonathan Harris

 Digital Record
Identifier: 89c0c57e-c179-4745-b6a6-048eccba2449

Street and Bridge Laborers Payroll, August 30 - September 11, 1869

 Digital Record
Identifier: af9f86f2-0f33-4b50-a4b1-3f8d23312820

Street and Bridge Payroll, August 9 - August 14

 Digital Record
Identifier: 696d1052-bacb-49fa-9690-658723ca13ef

Street and Bridge Payroll, August 16 - August 21, 1869

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5106fa82-1a72-4b01-8a7a-0592863ed276

Street Employees Payroll, 1880 August 7

 Digital Record
Identifier: f98c0e73-02d8-426b-8a7b-6d259a614e55

Street Forces Payroll, 1880 September 18

 Digital Record
Identifier: ddf695ed-36f8-4ca4-8685-508ecc96c4ca

Street Military: Next Episode promotional poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: bf512d87-1e4d-4651-9780-332f17f325f5

Street Military promotional poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: 876b7365-b367-47f8-b8c4-616f6338cbf4

Street Military: Steel Gangstaz promotional poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: d8b81c6d-cc02-4826-86e4-9001355e6343

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