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Blanche Espy Chenoweth and Stark family

 Digital Record
Identifier: 92f67fad-50d9-40c2-a95f-be217d007b11

Blanche Espy Chenoweth and two men posing next to bridge

 Digital Record
Identifier: 41ae88d6-77f9-4182-87cb-1f6f87784b24

Blanche Espy Chenoweth and two other women by a water fountain

 Digital Record
Identifier: e3333a10-b12a-498d-a08d-2e32e795bbe5

Blanche Espy Chenoweth and two other women by cabins

 Digital Record
Identifier: c3489024-734a-4bd6-a23c-9c5f4e7fe79d

Blanche Espy Chenoweth and two other women in decorative hats

 Digital Record
Identifier: ea30ef4b-64bf-40c6-b1f7-88fd00efbfe5

Blanche Espy Chenoweth and two other women on California shoreline

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2c98100f-0852-4712-b0f9-ecb1a8525f31

Blanche Espy Chenoweth and two other women standing by a shoreline

 Digital Record
Identifier: 119b600d-1bec-460a-aab7-b5eb9ed276fa

Blanche Espy Chenoweth, First graduation photo

 Digital Record
Identifier: 65149603-82cc-48b2-af0a-9dc9244a2295

Blanche Espy Chenoweth, Graduation photo

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9b29f6e7-b240-43de-abfc-6bf3e9bba24b

Blanche Espy Chenoweth holding a parasol

 Digital Record
Identifier: 71616226-9f44-469d-a902-d0384ebf3d98

Blanche Espy Chenoweth holding flowers

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2256ad45-892c-43ab-93fe-57ba0d36378a

Blanche Espy Chenoweth holding Robert C. Chenoweth

 Digital Record
Identifier: 44aad8a9-e23b-48ac-b7d9-9fb33a6ac866

Blanche Espy Chenoweth in an evening dress

 Digital Record
Identifier: 92eb42b1-f572-44f6-86dc-b08c7f23c419

Blanche Espy Chenoweth, Julia Harris, and another woman in Miami

 Digital Record
Identifier: 560776af-4704-4eb2-aacc-56d4b2a0851d

Blanche Espy Chenoweth, Miss Haelanin, and Miss Parker

 Digital Record
Identifier: cafa1c90-672b-4fab-83b9-ef144c122969

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