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1983 Thesis Exhibit & Jury Awards Poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: b9222da7-bc80-47db-b2b9-87ba251e731d

1986 US Olympics Festival Poster

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9289253a-3105-49f5-bda0-c9d0d438211d

40,000 Window Panes

 Digital Record
Identifier: e6eb5464-18fe-4a0f-9f72-fccdc40dfb11

A bamboo organ postcard guide

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4a187204-4ebc-40ec-82c1-8b2af2b6836b

A barbershop

 Digital Record
Identifier: 028ef291-ef65-4767-b695-082e9477b61a

A boxer down for the count

 Digital Record
Identifier: a1652216-6f38-46e0-850b-7ca7926060f4

A boy in a sailor outfit

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6d3a53ae-7026-4252-a423-c2c50d50c69e

A boy looking on as a flagellant is scourged

 Digital Record
Identifier: 72d6867a-8ddd-4b14-80f5-dc6bd9cd2e6e

A bridge in Baguio

 Digital Record
Identifier: e83e38e1-48fd-4ee7-99ce-f87a7bf08315

A building in Iloilo

 Digital Record
Identifier: b98a9810-9e44-4a44-aa16-b54c35b85198

A building on the island

 Digital Record
Identifier: f2451802-cc4b-432d-90da-579ae4cd8e71

A cannon at Camp John Hay

 Digital Record
Identifier: afd2bfa1-e2e7-4534-be60-02e6d3a1436f

A canopy covering flowers at a grave

 Digital Record
Identifier: 55f02af2-6d1f-4c1b-afa4-dcfd02267da6

A car parked in front of a house and windmill

 Digital Record
Identifier: 29e3979d-3b0d-4ca0-9517-f3b20b03d44c

A carabao wading in the water

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9e1c54be-288b-4978-aeff-61a652d8446f

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