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Dog on a leash

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9769be69-3a4a-4377-8a75-aa0bc1f1ee37

Dog on hind legs

 Digital Record
Identifier: 2e06dfdd-bf10-4acc-8783-ee9672bfb722

Dog on leash

 Digital Record
Identifier: 467d05a4-a524-4a80-888a-01871ed78d9b

Dog on leash lying down

 Digital Record
Identifier: 76ead57e-c929-4cc7-8352-51fdb184cd5d

Dog sitting down

 Digital Record
Identifier: 53d0f359-55ec-4c66-bd9c-c39dd75a9770

Dog sitting on bottom step

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9acbb547-b27d-41ef-9b63-7772d551f56b

Dog sitting on rocking chair

 Digital Record
Identifier: b2606484-229d-43e8-96cd-9be80beba85e

Dog sitting on top step

 Digital Record
Identifier: ac0aa341-5bd5-4fd3-a093-48c1a2b03f7a

Dog sniffing the ground

 Digital Record
Identifier: a157fcac-5d1f-4cdd-895e-a33c1f00ecab

Dog standing

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6dde25d9-0648-4520-82ec-47fb02e5716c

Dog standing on front porch of a house

 Digital Record
Identifier: cfbf9d75-f930-45ea-ba9e-5188caab1778

Dog with ball

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5786444d-47c8-4b6c-a331-e5d24917d79f

Dog with collar and leash

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0c7c335c-6d7e-412d-a885-a47e6fec4a70

Donkey pulling a man on a carriage

 Digital Record
Identifier: 94ec2681-b745-4a83-b562-8762667ec50c

Doodle Owens

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8c1fe48d-9d9d-4b63-92dd-c7eac188a43b

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