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W. B. Bates as a younger man

 Digital Record
Identifier: 64815300-3b09-41d9-8190-7a25a53bc33e

W. B. Bates sitting in a chair next to Mrs. Bates

 Digital Record
Identifier: 4e8c2c28-36c3-48e8-b282-52a99a208b70

W. B. Bates sitting with a book in hand

 Digital Record
Identifier: 52c59644-8223-4553-bc17-5b2b4f4031a5

W. B. Bates socializing with Mary Hoffman and others

 Digital Record
Identifier: 023a16a1-c908-41bc-baaf-f4e3f5ac44a8

W. D. C.-1

 Digital Record
Identifier: 9bd198af-a6d3-4108-8606-9c8f57463872

W. D. C.-2

 Digital Record
Identifier: ffdbbbb8-9017-44da-a219-72986fbb6d9f

Wade, Eudelia "Cookie" Morales

 Digital Record
Identifier: 23fca0fd-f768-41ff-b77d-54e7c39e6e02

Wading pond at Sam Houston Park, Houston, Texas

 Digital Record
Identifier: cc6d4898-5195-47de-bf4f-2251accca569

Wainerdi, Richard

 Digital Record
Identifier: 8bb1eb07-425f-4ebc-8fa1-190b0f4457c6

Waldorf, Kenneth

 Digital Record
Identifier: 344f26db-0536-42c9-a4a1-2367b62e81d4

Walker, Donna

 Digital Record
Identifier: ed1e4747-c19f-4b97-a8d0-f36423194147

Walker, Pamela

 Digital Record
Identifier: 11934f92-ba50-4121-9288-f05df3fb6be5

Walter Mischer

 Digital Record
Identifier: e3aef390-1330-4251-8292-4edb29a888b2

Walter W. Kemmerer

 Digital Record
Identifier: 0bf86124-1c63-4d92-add0-80a7f96d62df

Walter W. Kemmerer and two men looking at tape reels

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1d9e9b56-fb83-4476-8210-02a884092ce3

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