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Wooden building with fence

 Digital Record
Identifier: f227e0f2-9ad7-40a5-b407-f761dd4d2e2a

Wooden building with window

 Digital Record
Identifier: ff3c7fe9-87f7-4922-9331-c3d913b10253

Wooden buildings surrounded by trees

 Digital Record
Identifier: ef66b706-0298-4afd-a689-2f580cabbb5f

Wooden buildings with advertisements

 Digital Record
Identifier: f8d61978-dd1a-4f32-b939-4e25c916da01

Wooden car at Fords Lake Lumber Co.

 Digital Record
Identifier: febfccf5-50f5-4dd3-b430-fab05f1d90e4

Wooden car on tracks

 Digital Record
Identifier: 5ed67f89-2cdd-45ab-b853-53dc4edebdae

Wooden cattle chute

 Digital Record
Identifier: 59639ed5-0a39-42c2-bc43-579f9f01c636

Wooden chute for cattle

 Digital Record
Identifier: 7eca21a7-18d9-468d-86d5-0ae2902f31a6

Wooden house with porch

 Digital Record
Identifier: c7d69991-467f-4b6d-916b-fd6e2408b074

Wooden path in middle of field

 Digital Record
Identifier: 6a32ab25-7c13-4119-a376-12c00679b10d

Wooden rocking chair

 Digital Record
Identifier: d8252b44-e174-4934-9131-1578d22331a3

Wooden tracks and buildings

 Digital Record
Identifier: 38ba72ef-7a74-4fe0-a4c2-64033e2b4198

Woodland Acres Church of Christ, aerial view

 Digital Record
Identifier: ac76828c-9586-4d00-af58-d6c43b7a0fb8

Woodland Acres Church of Christ, entrance perspective

 Digital Record
Identifier: f3b147e4-9461-40ce-98a1-c106f53e077a

Woodland Acres Church of Christ, floor plan scheme "A"

 Digital Record
Identifier: 1abbdd0f-b9fb-4610-8429-9030644f2fe8

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